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Cal at the Fen, 2008

My Story

I am a parent of two children, one; a young man with Autism. I have been advocating for him since 1999. Previously, I earned a fine arts degree from Syracuse University. I have prior marketing and design experience working in New York City and here in South East Pennsylvania. I have been advocating for a fee since 2005. In 2006, I earned an additional degree in paralegal studies through Kaplan University, earning membership in the National Honor Society.

In 2006 I also successfully completed the COPAA SEAT Program. According to COPAA. "The SEAT Project is a demonstration project of the federal Office of Special Education Programs to develop and field-test a uniform training curriculum to produce competent special education advocates... with knowledge and skills necessary to competently and ethically assist students with disabilities and their familes to access appropriate educational srevices under federal and state law."

The COPAA program consisted of 115 hours of mandatory classroom instruction and 115 hours of mandatory practicum experience under an experienced special education attorney. I completed the classroom training, and completed my practicum at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia under the supervision of Attorney Judith Gran. I received a SEAT Certificate of Completion as part of Cohort 1 in 2006, that indicates I have demonstrated 'global evidence of basic knowledge and skills'.

anywhere will doI have in the past been active in the Dept of Public Welfare's Autism Task Force, the Bureau of Autism Services, and a president of the local chapter of the Autism Society of America. I maintain my skills and awareness of issues affecting education of children with disabilities.

I charge an hourly fee for reviewing documents, meeting and explaining options, preparing you for meetings, attending meetings with you, and helping you communicate productively. I work with you to help you effectively identify and work toward long-term goals for your child. I help you enjoy the benefit of your child's rights under IDEA and other civil rights laws. I will help you build a team of professionals you can rely on for candid, helpful input. I help you make productive use of IEP meetings and school information.

You are the expert on your child, and only you can properly direct the team of professionals to properly serve your child's needs over time. I arrived at this present place because of a lot of help and support. I look forward to helping you.

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