Are you getting all new information, including any draft IEPs, in advance of your child's IEP meetings?

Most people are unable to read and process a multi-page document AND listen to someone talk about the document at the same time AND provide input that is fully informed. Thus, it is valuable for everyone to have read and digested new IEP information before the meeting starts. This includes any DRAFT IEP, and new information that will be shared, that may or may not be added to the Present Educational Levels section.

Ask for all new information that the team is relying on at least three days before the meeting. Ask your child's teacher(s), and ask the special ed director. Preferably by email.

There is no right to have a draft IEP before an IEP meeting. HOWEVER, it makes sense, it is 'reasonable'.The Federal Department Education supports the idea of getting draft IEPs to parents in advance.

draft iep regs



 [Download the Federal Register free as a searchable PDF document from Wrightslaw.]


"Public education prepares students for adult life by attending to their intellectual and developmental needs and challenging them to achieve at their highest level possible. In conjunction with families and other community institutions, public education prepares students to become self-directed, life-long learners and responsible, involved citizens."
[Pa Code 22 § 4.11].



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