What about an FBA? Is it an evaluation? Who does it?    

An FBA is most certainly an evaluation, according to OSEP. Thus if the district wants to do one, it should issue you a permission to re-evaluated form indicating if it wants to do a formal or informal one. Or, the team can discussing having it in the IEP as a agreed-upon measure of progress for some goal.




O’Neill et al. (1997) writes that a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is the result of an information gathering process that includes an analysis of the person’s schedule, activity patterns, curricula, staff support, and physical environment, as well as the observation of the person’s behavior in targeted settings where the problem behavior occurs and does not occur. When collected, this data is used to develop alternatives to the problem behavior that are functionally equivalent to the behavior of concern, while at the same time being more appropriate in targeted settings. O’Neill argues that functional behavioral assessments create a context for understanding problem behavior and are best used as a method to “maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of behavioral support” (p.3.).(p274)

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