"Why should you consider hiring an advocate. We did". [more]

"My district was refusing to offer my child special education services even though they are struggling to go to school, keep up with classes, and homework." [more]

My district wants to add restraints and possibly use a time-out room in my child's IEP. Does it work? Is this even a good idea? [link]

My child is transitioning to Kindergarten next year. Is the transition meeting important? [more]
Can I observe classrooms where my child is instructed or the district is proposing to move him? [more]
Can I call an IEP meeting before the annual date review on my child's IEP? [more]
But what happens if buttonBut what happens if I get a NO and I don't know what to do? [more]
Can I get a draft IEP so I can read and digest it before the meeting? [more]

What can I expect of my district, if I can't expect "the best"?. [more]
Are children with disabilities likely targets of bullying? [more]
What should I do if my child is being constantly picked on by other kids? [more]
Where do I find out outcome facts about my district? (check the Links page )
When do I really need an attorney? [more]
How long do I need to keep my child's records? [more]

What can I expect from the re-evaluation process? [more]
How can I know a re-evaluation is done to certain standards of professionalism? [more]
Is my child entitled to an IEP that only addresses 'academics'? [more]
What's with all the focus on reading these days? [more]
What are some links to scientifically-validated methods for teaching my child? [link]
What are some links to scientifically-validated methods for teaching a child with autism? [link]

Does my district have to transport my child to his private or charter school? [Link to PDE FAQ ]

Self-scoring Quiz: Are you a full and equal participant in your child's IEP process? [more]

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