When do I need an attorney?

Always call an attorney when;

  1. your child has been harasssed, abused, secured away from peers, or restrained at school, with or without your permission.
  2. you received a Due Process Hearing notice from your district
  3. you received a Manifestation Hearing notice from your district
  4. your child was arrested at school or during a school activity
  5. your child receives multiple suspensions/detentions for behaviors that are part of their disability, but is not getting any help to gain skills to prevent those behaviors
  6. your child is refusing to go to school each day, out of fear, and has resorted to eloping, aggression, and/or other extreme behaviors to avoid it.

Visit the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates website for a state by state listing of attorneys, or call a local advocate for a referral to an attorney.




"Public education prepares students for adult life by attending to their intellectual and developmental needs and challenging them to achieve at their highest level possible. In conjunction with families and other community institutions, public education prepares students to become self-directed, life-long learners and responsible, involved citizens."
[Pa Code 22 § 4.11].


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